You’re in the right place to break through from where you’ve been to where you ache to go.  Even if you don’t know exactly where that is, you know that there’s more!

Stuck At The Top™ MasterMind retreats are forming now!

To hold your space for September 14th and 15th in Chicago, please click the link and download an application.

  1. The application is required to ensure that the mix of people in the room is the right mix.  We’re going to be a small group of unique individuals coming together in a place of learning, growth, and support.  The retreat setting and mastermind focus isn’t right for everyone.
  2. You’re placing a non-refundable deposit, making a commitment to yourself for Continuing Education.  Because space at the table is limited and a cool meeting space is required, your deposit is non-refundable.

To express interest or be placed on a waiting list for future retreats, please do so by clicking here.

To work with Dr Pernell in a 1:1 intensive six-month program, click here.


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